Industry Experts

One of the things that makes Merlin’s unique as a company, is our knowledge base in the inflatable games industry…we literally know inflatables “inside and out”!

Our business model as a company uses a much different approach when compared to any other local supplier of inflatable game rentals ….put simply ….we are the INFLATABLE INDUSTRY EXPERTS!!  We have been custom building and repairing inflatable play structures for 10 years and have been servicing the inflatable rental industry for over 20 years. So if you are looking for information and expert advice on renting inflatable games for a party or special event ….you really have come to the right place!

If you have a specialized need for custom-built inflatable play structures for a kids program or a corporate event rollout, allow the experts at Merlin’s to apply their decades of experience to provide a solution specialized for your needs that will last for years to come.

With over 20 years of experience and thousands of happily satisfied customers… Merlin’s has what it takes to make your party or special event safe, memorable and magical …for all!

But… you don’t have to take our word for it!! Read our testimonials and see what some of our happy customers and corporate clients have to say about us.

A customer service oriented approach to our business is what we believe in. From the time you book your event, right through to the delivery and execution of your event-you’ll be amazed at the speed and proficiency of our set up crews…. See how everything inflates and comes to life before your eyes… like Party Magic!!

Although service is one of our paramount concerns for you, the customer …it is not our only concern…because we entertain large groups of people, especially kids, safety is a main focus of our company. Safety is a concern in every aspect, everything from consulting with you on your event layout, training our delivery staff as well as your volunteers, to the engineering of the inflatable games that we design and build.

We strive as a company to have our customers enjoy the exhilarating experience that inflatable games can bring, while making sure it is as safe as possible for everyone involved. Merlin’s is fully insured for your protection and licensed by the TSSA. In addition to this we also work with local TSSA inspectors to ensure continuing education and public safety for our growing industry.

Look though our inventory of inflatable rental games and you will see that we carry a extensive range of exciting and unique inflatable games, some of which are Merlin’s exclusive designs and layouts. Even some of our competitors confess to wishing they could offer some of the unique designs we have. …but they simply can’t because they don’t exist anywhere else! Adding to this, our products are built with the best materials and construction methods known to exist in our industry; in our opinion it’s a winning combination!

All inflatable games are hand made products. …generally made of heavy duty PVC fabric and heavy duty nylon webbing and threads ….they are made this way to stand up to the repeated use from kids and outside elements such as grit and UV light…..and like all man made products these games eventually breakdown. This is where you, the customer, need to be informed…not all inflatable games are created equal and it is because of this that some inflatables through poor maintenance, poor construction, or poor design create a potential safety risk for the end user.

Is the picture of that seemingly brand new inflatable on Company X’s website which you are considering renting… really brand new? Or is a picture from 1995 and the inflatable you think you are getting is really in dire need of repair and being held together with duct tape and grimy glue patches?? This can be dangerous for the consumer. …kids getting potentially harmed from poorly maintained or designed inflatables is a major concern to us at Merlin’s. This is why we strive to provide clean, unique and safe new inflatables that are engineered with the highest quality standards and materials for our customers and clients. We go the extra mile using state-of-the-art 3D design software to take a virtual tour through our products for potential safety issues before they ever get built and put into the marketplace and we test them thoroughly once they are built to ensure quality and safety.

  At Merlin’s … expertise and decades devoted to good clean fun, paired with top service and unparalleled industry know-how is combined to make every customer experience and event a “magical moment” for all involved…. Our tagline says it all...

... Fun is in the Air!


"Merlin's provides a turn key solution for our Jr. Jays Saturdays promotion. Not only did they design and build some very exciting inflatables for the ball club but they also make it easy for us on game days. Their setup crew is always on time and they do a great job. I would highly recommend Merlin's for any need you may have concerning inflatable games."

Blue Jays

Laurel Lindsay
Vice President, Marketing
Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club

"I would recommend the services of Merlin's to anyone who needs to entertain a large volume of kids or pre-teens at a special event or company picnic- they have excellent quality inflatables and their prices are the best around. They always have something new and exciting for the kids at our annual summer picnic, and their licensed technicians set up over 50 events a year on behalf of the T.P.F.F.A at various charity and community initiatives across the city."

Frank Ramagnano
Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Toronto Professional Fire Fighters Association

"Hi Merlin's,
Thank you so much for the " Bouncy Castle " that we rented from you on July 5 th . The kids had a wonderful time and enjoyed themselves thoroughly."

Thanks again,
Corinne A. Conroy
Mom, Customer

"To Merlin's
Well , Adrian , You were right - Positive thinking works! The sun shone on the Pape Fun Fair! This is just a quick note to say thanks so much for the Giant Fun of the Giant Slide. It was a big hit! (I went down it twice myself! I'd like one for my backyard.)"

Thanks so much for all your help and advice.
Cheers, Elaine Bruer - Pape Ave School Fun Fair Committee

"Dear Merlin's
Thank you for your excellent level of service and competitive pricing. My son James along with all his friends, loved jumping on the 12x12 castle that you rented us (on September 7, 2003) I would recommend your service without reservation and look forward to calling upon you to liven up future events."

Monica Stinchcombe
Mom, Customer