Technical Standards and Safety Authority

Merlin's Enterprises Inc. Permit # ADL 2526

    Any individual or business in Ontario , which owns and operates an inflatable amusement device, is under the jurisdiction of T.S.S.A. The Technical Standards and Safety Authority is the regulatory body responsible for the safe operation and inspection of amusement devices in Ontario . Therefore, all inflatable amusement devices are required to be licensed and inspected by T.S.S.A for rental to the public. At Merlin's we fully support and are compliant with all T.S.S.A licensing and insurance requirements. If you are organizing a public or corporate event, it is important to ensure that your event is adhering to the laws of the province of Ontario- for your own peace of mind as an event organizer, and for the safety and well being of all of the people that may attend your event. Make sure you are dealing with a T.S.S.A licensed operator, and that the operator has current up to date ride permits. Dealing with a company that rents out unlicensed, uninspected rides is not legal, and furthermore could be potentially dangerous to you and to the people who may attend your event.

For more information about being T.S.S.A certified please visit the TSSA Website

TSSA Certificate
TSSA certificate